It’s May, and that means wildlife baby season is here! Did you know that on any given day, from May to August, we can have up to 300 animals in care at our Wildlife Hospital? The majority of them are injured and orphaned wildlife babies, ranging in species from deer fawns, to nestling swallows, to infant hares, and much more! Each year we see over 120 different wildlife species admitted!

While we are open year-round, the majority of our patients are admitted in spring and summer and it takes us up to 6-months to prepare for this busy season. 95% of the animals we admit are injured or orphaned as a result of human activities in some way, such as: window strike, vehicle collision, barbed wire, domestic cat and dog attacks, and kidnapping (taking a healthy baby animal from the wild).

This year marks our 8th annual Wildlife Baby Shower event to raise much needed funds to prepare for the influx of patients we see in spring and summer. It ranges from over $100.00 to well over $1,000.00 to rehabilitate an individual animal, depending on their ages, species, and condition.

Each year the demand for our services increases, and as urban expansion continues, we anticipate the demand to continue to rise. We need your support to continue caring for Alberta’s wildlife in need. As the need for AIWC grows, so does the cost of our operations. As a non-profit organization, we rely solely on donations and successful grant applications to operate.

In 2018, we admitted 806 animals from May 1st to August 31st. 806 lives that were helped due to your support. Please donate today to help the hundreds more animals we will care for in 2019.

Examples of costs during our busy season:

  • 30,000 mealworms to feed to nestling and fledging songbirds: $565 each week.
  • Food for 1 juvenile raptor: $14.00 each week.
  • Fresh produce for patients: $345 each week.
  • Milk replacer for baby mammals: $1,800.00 each year.
  • Food for 1 fox kit: $36.75 each week.

How You Can Help!

  • Donate today through our Wildlife Baby Shower campaign or in our shop at
  • Call us at 403-946-2361 to make a donation over the phone.
  • Donate items from our Wish List.
  • Mail in a donation to our PO address (see below).
  • Follow along with our social media throughout the month of May and help share facts about the natural behaviours of baby wild.

All proceeds go to supporting the care of wildlife in need. If you would prefer to donate via cheque, donations are gratefully accepted at our mailing address:

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation
PO Box 68
Madden, AB
T0M 1L0

* All donations over $15.00 will receive a tax receipt.

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